The normal reaction to any unfortunate event is sadness. This feeling resolves with time as we start seeing new things of seeing things. A sense of inner emptiness that is involuntary and has no external cause is what is referred to as  depression. Simply speaking it comes from nowhere. There is difference between sadness and depression through. Sadness does not need treatment; depression does.

Doctors whose training leads them to believe in pharmaceutical drugs as the solution to many of life’s emotional, as well as physical, problems will tend to prescribe even more when told that an initial drug has not helped. They may increase the dose of the first antidepressant, add in another and then consider prescribing a mood-stabiliser as well. There is always that fear that the patient may commit suicide and the doctor will be blamed for not providing the right prescription. All this generally depends on what all the other doctors have been doing. Doctors are unwilling to change despite there being a large amount of evidence against antidepressant drugs of the risks of the drug.

The patients mainly find it very hard to face real life challenges such as inadequate housing, unemployment, money worries as well as family problems because of the clouded mind caused by depreesion. Doctor’s often suggest that using antidepressant will revolve the edge from the patients mind and make them function well.  Research indicates the opposite that this drug does not function effectively. It is more probable that the patient becomes dependent on the drug and the problems persist as before.  Learn more about rehab at

sometimes, the patients may decide to lift their moods by using alcohol, nicotine , white flour or even sugar.  However all this substances have mood altering effects as they act on the centre of the brain. Making it very easy to get addicted to the drugs.

Patients are kept away from all mood altering substances when they get to a rehab.  Prescription medications will be used in an effective rehab only to cover short-term withdrawal symptoms. Otherwise a disastrous long-term pharmaceutical drug addiction can follow. Learn how to cure ptsd here!

The centerpiece of rehab should be trauma resolution, as well as giving insight into the specific nature of addictive disease and recovery. The appropriate on-going treatment for the underlying depression is through daily working of the Twelve Step programme, first formulated by Alcoholics Anonymous.  despite it being an unpopular suggestion, it has been seen to be working with no side effects.

On using this program, it is possible to set aside the years of misery.Gloom and doom become features of the past, not of the present. Know How to cure depression here!